Florida real estate for sale - Cape Coral real estate

Florida real estate for sale - Cape Coral real estate

In the U.S., more than 90 percent of the sale and purchase of real estate is handled by a real estate agent. There is a reason for this: While in other countries a large number of brokers have to be contacted in order to obtain an overview of a particular region, in the U.S. almost all properties for sale are listed in a central database, the MLS (Multiple Listing Service). This information is submitted to the most popular international search engines and websites, which ensures the international accessibility of your listed property at all times. This is both in the seller's interest, as the property is offered globally, and in the buyer's interest, as he gets a perfect overview of all properties for sale. Both buyers and sellers need only one real estate agent to get a complete overview of the entire real estate market.

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For an annual fee, the real estate agent registers with a local broker association and thereby receives the status of a REALTOR©. A Realtor is subject to a strict code of ethics. If he violates this code, he will be expelled from the association. As a real estate agent, he has access to the central database of the MLS and can list the property of his client. Listed properties are visible for every other Realtor.

The listings in the MLS are always current. Any change in information is immediately fed into the MLS system by the listing agent. Outdated listings or properties that have already been sold therefore do not exist. The broker is always up to date. This is particularly important if the sales price is to be determined before a property is sold. The seller's agent or listing agent will first determine a market-oriented sales price based on the data from the MLS of properties already sold. This is done in the course of a comparative market analysis (CMA). For this automated MLS evaluation, all comparable properties that have recently been sold in the respective sales area are used. This provides the seller's broker with realistic price information very quickly.

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The seller broker discusses the analysis results of the CMA with his client (seller) and a market-driven listing price for the MLS is determined. If the price is too high, a buyer's agent will find out very quickly, because he can work with the same tools of the MLS system as the listing agent or seller's agent. The buyer's broker will then advise the potential buyer against the overpriced property, or suggest a low offer.

If the seller broker has agreed with his client on the price, the property is listed in the MLS. The sales agent provides a detailed description and pictorial material as well as a virtual route of the real estate.

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The seller's broker takes over the scheduling of inspections, communicates and discusses incoming purchase offers with his client, rejects these or submits a counter offer on his client's behalf. If seller and buyer agree on the purchase price, the seller's broker, in cooperation with a title company, handles the entire transfer of ownership of the property with a clear title, including entry in the land register (public records).

Our services for the sale of your Florida property in keywords

  • We determine a market-driven sales price on the basis of an objective market analysis. We prepare a detailed expert opinion (CMA).
  • We create a comprehensive description of your property and produce professional photo material including a virtual tour.
  • We list your object in the central database of the MLS.
  • If necessary, we create a detailed brochure with the property description (print and digital)
  • We also list your property on our company websites.
  • We put a For Sale sign on your property.
  • We equip your property with an electronic access system to record all visits chronologically and to allow easy access for a buyer's agent. Every visit of a buyer's broker is registered and stored electronically.
  • We will inform you promptly about all inspections carried out, including any feedback from prospective buyers.
  • We receive purchase offers and discuss them with you as the seller. If necessary, we will submit a counter offer to the prospective buyer.
  • We organize the complete transfer of ownership with a clear title in cooperation with a title company, including the entry in the land register (public records).
  • We take over the organization of the cancellation of electric, water, telephone, internet etc.
  • If necessary, we can arrange the support of a U.S. tax consultant.

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